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April 18th, 2016

Dr. Alok Das, Senior Scientist at AFRL, joined the Small Business Hub to lead a Collider on Air Force SBIR 16.2 Direct to Phase II topics. The four main topics that were covered are: modern command centers for missile field operations, autonomous robot for unmanned air vehicle operations, commercial space catalog and mitigation of small UAS threats.

In a quest to rapidly capitalize on emerging technology trends, the United States Air Force is actively seeking small high tech companies with great ideas and agile development processes to exploit these new developments for novel military and commercial applications. For this effort, AF is using a faster, more focused development process, offering expanded transition opportunities through its AFRL Center for Rapid Innovation (CRI).

We will be leveraging the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and the authority for Direct to Phase II (D2P2) contracts. As you may know, the SBIR program is a competitive program that invests in small businesses for advanced technologies. Under the current solicitation, we plan to directly award one year duration Phase II contracts for technology development/application efforts up to $1.5M in four technology areas, thus streamlining this acquisition by seeking companies that have done relevant background research and skipping the traditional Phase I process.

AF SBIR Direct to Phase II

Charts that were presented by Dr. Alok Das at this Collider

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Very clear presentation with clarifying dialogue. Connections to David Shahady and TPOC on the topic.Survey Respondent
I now understand the purpose of the direct to Phase IISurvey Respondent
I have a better understanding of AFRL’s D2P2 program. I was previously not aware of this.Survey Respondent
I appreciate what the Collider does to bring companies and capabilities together.Survey Respondent