AFRL Small Business Office

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Small Business Office (SBO) is responsible for promoting small business participation in AFRL procurements and ensuring that small businesses have fair and equitable access to contracting opportunities. AFRL is very small business friendly organization, spending approximately $3 billion annually with small businesses.

The AFRL Small Business Office works to facilitate partnerships between the Laboratory and small businesses, including those owned by minorities, women, veterans, and other disadvantaged groups. The Office plays a crucial role in fostering innovation, economic growth, and job creation within the small business sector. Here are some key functions and services typically associated with the AFRL Small Business Office:

Small Business Outreach and Education

Conducts outreach programs and educational initiatives to inform small businesses about AFRL contracting opportunities, procurement processes, and relevant regulations.

Advocacy and Assistance

Serves as an advocate for small businesses within the AFRL, working to remove barriers to entry and ensuring that small businesses receive fair consideration in the procurement process.

Networking and Matchmaking Events

Participation in various events that facilitate networking between small businesses and AFRL representatives. These events may include matchmaking sessions, colliders, industry days, and conferences.

Contracting Opportunities

Help small businesses identify and pursue contracting opportunities within the Laboratory, including prime contracts and subcontracting opportunities.

Compliance Guidance

Provides guidance on compliance with federal regulations and ensures that small businesses understand and meet the requirements for doing business with the AFRL.

Feedback Mechanism

Serve as a feedback mechanism for small businesses, allowing them to express concerns, provide input, and seek assistance in addressing issues related to AFRL contracting.

Training and Workshops

Provides training and workshops to help small businesses understand the intricacies of government contracting, compliance requirements, and how to navigate the procurement system effectively.


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Brian is the Director of Small Business Office at AFRL. Wright Brothers Institute (WBI) and  AFRL Small Business Office have partnered together to bring you this online experience of events, resources and knowledge.

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To find specific information about the AFRL Small Business Office, you may visit the official website or directly contact via email AFRL/SB Questions Inbox. Additionally, the System for Award Management (SAM) website is a valuable resource for small businesses looking to register and pursue federal contracting opportunities.

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