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March 22nd, 2016

Co-sponsored by Small Business Hub and the Ohio Aerospace Hub, this Collider was a rare opportunity to hear from a national cyber security expert Richard Marshall.

Drawing on his vast experience as the Associate General Counsel for Information Assurance, NSA, where he was the legal architect for the nation’s first information warfare exercise; his involvement in developing the National Security Strategy for Critical Infrastructure Protection and the current Comprehensive National Cyber Security Initiative (CNCI); his experience as the Director of Global Cyber Security Management at DHS; and his current role as Strategic Advisor to several national and international corporations, Marshall offered valuable and engaging insights on where we are now and on what needs to be done to improve the state of our information management technology and policy. A contributor to CNN, BBC, Politico, NYT and Scientific American, Marshall is noted for his candid insights on our shortcomings and his provocative recommendations on actions we should take now.

What People are Saying About This Collider

We’ve got good resources in this area to tackle digital integrity and distributed intelligence. We just have to organize to take advantage.Dr. Amy Magnus, Air Force Institute of Technology
Valuable information to share with my CEO regarding information integrity and insight on a small part of how the NSA works toward the goal of protecting us from offensive cyber threats.Survey Respondent
I enjoy having the opportunity to meet people from small businesses. Any topic that brings small and large businesses together is welcomed.Survey Respondent