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'The Air Force Research Laboratory Small Business Hub also partners with the AFLCMC Small Business Office and wants to recognize the huge amount of business opportunities within this Major Command (MAJCOM). Explore the offerings and Point of Contacts here to learn about AFLCMC. Most importantly, register your business in the AFLCMC Capability Submission to increase your business opportunities in the future.


For agile, innovative, cost-effective solutions, AFLCMC THINKS SMALL.


Maximizing innovative, agile, and efficient small business solutions to the world's greatest Air Force.


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To submit your capabilities to the AFLCMC Small Business Office please click here.

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Luke Schultz
Director - AFLCMC/SB

Denise Baylor
Director of Small Business - AFLCMC/SB Gunter  

Jeff Emmons
Director of Small Business - AFLCMC/SB Hanscom 

Alicia Draines
Small Business Specialist -Business Enterprise Systems (BES)

Sarah Chaffe
Mobility & Training Aircraft, PZI (IT/Specialized)

Jennifer Gallagher 
Small Business Specialist - PZI (Installation/Operational) & EPASS

Anita Jackson 
Deputy Director of Small Business - AFLCMC/SB Eglin

Michael Hickey
Small Business Specialist - AFMETCAL 

Ellen McDonnell 
Deputy Director of Small Business - AFLCMC/SB - Hanscom 

Zakiya "Zee" Norris 
Small Business Specialist - Lackland 

Kelly Thirtyacre 
Small Business Specialist - Fighters & Advanced Aircraft, Bombers, ISR/SOF, Rapid Sustainment

Kathryn Vaccaro
Small Business Specialist - AFMETCAL 

Kendra Ephrem
AFSAC, PZI (Operational)

Kevin Parks
Agile Combat Support, Presidential & Executive Airlift & Propulsion

Nicolette Dahdah
PAQ Intern


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