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Gain expert knowledge and sharpen your competitive edge with the AFRL Small Business Hub. Access curated resources, events, and networking opportunities to successfully partner with the AFRL.


Small Businesses

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As the collaborative effort between the AFRL Small Business Office and Wright Brothers Institute, the Small Business Hub harnesses our deep knowledge of the industry to help small businesses thrive. We provide the tools, strategies, and insights you need to work with the U.S. Department of Defense. Attend our expert-led Collider events, access our small business resources, and tap into our robust ecosystem of AFRL organizations and partners.

Getting Started

Becoming a defense contractor isn’t for the faint of heart, and we believe small businesses are better equipped to start this process when they don’t have to go it alone. The AFRL Small Business Hub guides your business through the step-by-step process, removing barriers to entry and helping small businesses gain a competitive edge.

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We’re here to help you tackle the challenges of business growth. Learn how to get started with government contracting. 

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Explore the Small Business Toolkit. Resources for every step of the way.


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Don’t Go It Alone.  Meet entrepreneurs, academic experts, and leading industry figures–all in one place.


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Partner With Us. Join us in creating a strong small business environment throughout the Miami Valley and the nation.

Attend Our Colliders

Learn from our industry and AFRL partners at our Collider events. Network with defense contracting professionals.

Couldn’t Make It to Our Past Collider?

Sorry we missed you at our latest event, but don’t worry we’ve got a full recap on what you missed. We hope to see you at the next one!

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Tap into a robust business ecosystem. Forge new partnerships.

“[The AFRL Small Business Hub] has been very informative and helpful to get to know the community. There is always something more to learn or someone new to meet.”

Leigh Skorupskus

Business Development Executive for a Defense Contractor

AFRL’s continued reliance on small business innovation is critical to our national security challenges affecting both the Air and Space Force. The AFRL Small Business Hub provides a great venue to equip, train, collaborate, and become knowledgeable of opportunities to support small businesses seeking to work with AFRL or the Air Force.

Brian McJilton

AFRL Small Business Director​

“The AFRL Small Business Hub has been a great partner and collaborator in our dual missions of creating capability for the warfighter while helping our small business ecosystem evolve and grow.”

Billy Grill

SW Ohio Associate Director, Ohio APEX Accelerator at Ohio University

Partner With Us.

Join us in creating a strong small business environment throughout the Miami Valley and the nation.